Providing Advanced Unmanned Robotic Solutions to Clients Worldwide
Provectus Robotics Solutions solves the problems of today with the technology of tomorrow. Our expertise is your success.
  • ARIS Robotic Control Software
    Flexible. Configurable. Modular.
    Tele-operated and autonomous control
    Mature and field-proven software
    Support for multiple robotic platforms and payloads
  • J5 Robotic Mobility Platform
    Remote operations in hazardous environments
    Fully amphibious designed to operate in harsh environments
    Multiple platform configurations
    Easy integration of external sensors and payloads
    Cost effective and highly versatile platform
  • Remote Package Handling System
    Removes suspect packages from airport terminals
    Reduces terminal down time
    Long-range secure, wireless control
    Remotely operated from airport safety vehicle
  • Remote Tactical Support System
    Multi-mission law-enforcement support vehicle
    Large vehicle IED disruption
    CBRNe mission support
    Emergency Response Team support
  • /*Leaders In Advanced Robotic Technology*/
    Robotic Technology Experts
    Field proven management team
    Extensive real-world experience
    Quickly able to deliver advanced solutions
    Dedicated to exceeding customer expectations